North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity claims victory over North Cobb, 16-1 in the first game of the season

Tuesday 8/11 6:30 p.m.

The North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity jumped out to an early lead on North Cobb and captured a 16-1 victory on Tuesday at North Cobb. The game was decided quickly as the North Paulding

Wolfpack Varsity exerted their will early with 11 runs in the first three innings. An RBI double by Alyssa Brumelow and an RBI single by Chelsey Casteel during the first inning fueled the North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity’s offense early. Brumelow racked up four RBIs on three hits for the North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity.

Caeley Anderson had an impressive outing against North Cobb’s lineup. Anderson gave up just two hits, allowed one earned run, walked none and struck out four during her four innings of work.

The North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity tacked on another nine runs in the third. A scored Anderson to get the North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity on the board in the inning. That was followed up by Abby Chandler’s single, scoring Ali Blankenship.

The North Paulding Wolfpack Varsity built upon their lead with five runs in the fifth. Brumelow started the inning with a single, plating Bailey Noonan. That was followed by Meagan Coltrane’s triple, scoring Brumelow.