Online Athletic Forms System

As part of our transition to an online athletic forms system, all student athletes must fill out a RankOneSport online physical to participate in any school related activities!

Even if your student athlete has a physical on file with the school already, you still must go online to fill out the RankOneSport information or they will not be permitted to participate!

To ensure your student is able to participate in their activity, follow these easy steps:

Online forms required:
Go to the RankOne link at the Paulding County School District website and then click “Online Athletic Forms” to begin the RankOneSport forms.

Printed forms required:
There are two printed sheets that students are also required to turn into the school, and each must be filled out and signed by a family physician. These two forms are also available at the RankOne Sport site, in the menu under “Physical/Participation Downloads” Or use this: Direct link to two required paper forms. Remember: ALL THE REST must be filled out online.

By using this new system, the physical process will be streamlined and physical forms will be kept online with easy access for parents, coaches, and EMS rescue. Thank you so much for your help with this exciting transition to our new online system!

Student athletes will not be allowed to participate in any school related activities until we have an online physical on RankOneSport.

Article contributed by:
Greg Cherry
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
North Paulding High School